Welcome to the Flight Simulator Aircraft Dynamics and Navdata site. You will find here free material and software I designed for flight simulators, navaids and fix updates for FS9/FSX/P3D, aerodynamics links, aircraft data and airfile design tools and resources as well as a few other utilities. No Ads here forever.
My software is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind and I won't be liable for any damage it may cause. It is released as donationware. Donation is fully optional and left to the discretion of user based on individual perception of software's value. Wheter you donate or not, and how much, is up to you.
Latest updates (30-Oct-2020)
AIE v2.26
FSX/P3Dv1-5 Navs (2011)
FSX/P3D Fixes (2011)
FS9 Navs (2011)
EasyNavs v7.13
BGL Facility Scanner v2.12
BGL Navaids Editor v4.10
Simple Flight Plan Maker v1.30
Adacalc v4.33
Designer and pilot utilities : Advanced Flight Simulator Data (AFSD), Jet Performance Calculator (AJPC), FSControl, Flight plan maker and Adacalc Software
Navaid and Airport tools (updated magnetic variation data, EasyNavs and Airport Inspector and Editor softwares), FS9, FSX/P3D navaid and fix updates
Google Earth
Google Earth world navaids and intersections, Tiny Flight Tracker and viewer software
IVAO Aurora Builder software and links to other IVAO utilities
Some links to arerodynamics sites, documents, course notes, exercises, software and java applets
Aircraft Data
Links and documents providing technical data on some aircrafts and aircraft parts
Model Design
Flight dynamics documentation, airfile editors and specialized discussion boards
BGL Analysis
BGL structure documentation, BGL analysis software, wiki links, decompilers and discussion boards
Flight Simulator Aircraft Dynamics and Navdata
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